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Ebulk or Paper Based Forms - Same prices for either !!!

Individuals: Please see Basic CRB Check | Overseas prices please click here

No registration fees ! No sign up fees ! No annual fees ! No minimum orders ! Smiley Face

The services below are available to employers, agencies and organisations of all sizes in the private, not for profit and public sectors ….

Any volume between 2 to 10,000 Disclosures per year is absolutely fine !
(Many registered and de-registered umbrella bodies also use our service !)

Type of Check

CRB Fees (VAT Free)

Enhanced CRB Checks

£ 44.00 *

Standard CRB Checks

£ 26.00 *

Volunteer CRB Checks (Standard or Enhanced)

£ 00.00 *

POVA Adult First Checks - (POVA Fast Track Clearance)

£ 6.00 *

List 99 Checks


Basic CRB Checks (For Individuals and employers)


* The CRB Fees above do not include our highly competitive admin fee !

Please call us for a no obligation quote and we'll put a smile on your face Smiley Face


Tel: 0845 643 1145

Our Office hours are from - 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday

We offer Employers, agencies and organisations:

A fully supported CRB Disclosure application service for all sectors with:

  • Rapid and accurate processing via Ebulk or traditional application form
  • A fully registered and highly secure service
  • Free, friendly advice and personal dedicated support from start to finish
  • Automatic progress monitoring and chase-ups on your applications
  • Tailor made solutions to meet your recruitment needs.

Highly Competitive Pricing:

  • No Hidden Extras
  • No Registration or Annual Fee!
  • No Minimum Order Requirements

A variety of payment options to suit your accounting needs

Offering safer recruitment decisions for all sectors:

Local Government - Social Services - Social Care - Health Care - Education

Transport - Sports & Community - Charity - Voluntary

Housing - Recruitment - Religion

Financial - Legal - Licensing and Security Industries

Contracting and supporting services for all the above

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Or ... Read more about our service below:

Highest Level of Accuracy

Our Ebulk application error rate is ... 0.3% (one third of one percent)

Our paper based form applications (CRB audited) error rate is 1.4% (That’s 14 applications returned in every 1000 submitted!) compared to other umbrella bodies at a national error rate of 7%.

At error rates of 0.3% for Ebulk and 1.4% for application forms we are undoubtedly one of the best in the country - saving you heaps of time and trouble !

Yes !

Speed of Service

Our speed of service is second to none!

Ebulk online applications:

Many are completed and back to you within 24 hours!


Standard - 100% back within one week !

Enhanced - 80% back within one week !

Paper based (form) applications:

All dealt with within 24hrs. The information is forwarded onto the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) by special delivery so they can start to process the information before 12 noon the following day.

Consequently we are one of the fastest and most reliable services in the business !

Yes !

Independent and Highly Efficient

APCS has no connection with any other business. We specialise in processing Disclosures and offer a highly efficient, dedicated service.

Yes !

Full Documentation and Support:

We give you full supporting documentation for both our online e-Bulk system and paper based application form system. We show you clearly how to check ID documents and how to handle disclosure information so you know exactly what to do plus ...

We are also on hand to help and advise you by phone throughout the entire process so you never need to feel stuck.

Yes !

Flexibility to suit your business:

Tailor made services to fit your recruitment procedure. We believe in making our process fit your needs, not the other way round!

Yes !

Dedicated account manager:

If required, we are happy to assign you a personal account manager (free of charge!) so you can speak with someone who is familiar with the history of your business with us.

Yes !

Database management:

We monitor the progress of your current applications and can quickly provide progress reports and historical information about all of your business with us.

Yes !

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APCS Help Desk

APCS Help Desk Team

Free Friendly Advice
and Support

Or to place your order

Tel: 0845 643 1145

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Super Fast Ebulk or Paper Based Forms - Same prices for either!

APCS Ebulk Online

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Payment Flexibility !

To suit your accounting needs, we offer ...

Payment with order, invoice, credit / debit card, cheque or BACS