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Basic CRB Check for Employers

Are you an employer? Do you need Basic CRB Checks (Basic Disclosures) for your employees or applicants?

Benefit from our experience !

Every year we help thousands of Employers throughout the UK to successfully and speedily obtain official Basic Disclosures (CRB Checks) for their employees and applicants.

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There are many advantages to introducing Basic Disclosures as part of your recruitment process.

Benefits include:-

1). Confirms whether an existing or prospective employee has a current UK criminal conviction or not.

2). Gives a more informed recruitment decision and ensures that inappropriate people are not recruited.

3). Your customers' safety and peace of mind is kept at the centre of your recruitment policy.

4). Promotes a culture of transparency within your organisation.

5). Gives a marketing advantage over your competitors

Employers are entitled to know if an applicant has any unspent criminal convictions and there is generally a question on the job application form to this effect. A Basic Disclosure Certificate provides evidence that this question has been answered truthfully.

Please Note:

You will need the written and signed consent of the applicant/s. We provide consent forms and application forms to easily set up Basic Disclosures for you.


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