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Ebulk CRB - How it Works

Below is an overview of the standard set up - We offer many options and bespoke solutions to meet your needs (see the "Flexibility" link on your left)


  1. Your applicant logs onto our online system, whether in your office or at their own home and enters their user id number (given by you). They submit their application online.

  2. An email is generated automatically to the id checker within your organisation.

  3. Your id checker clicks a link in the email, clicks the appropriate buttons to say they have seen and verified the id documents ... The application is now submitted!

Within 2 hours the application has been:

  • Processed and checked through our systems
  • Received and approved by the Criminal Records Bureau
  • Is undergoing checks against the Police National Computer.

What happens next ?

The CRB process the application and produce a disclosure.

If the disclosure is clear (i.e. contains no criminal record):

  • An electronic disclosure notification is sent to APCS, and sent on by email to the person nominated by the client organisation to receive disclosures. We call this person the Manager (The Manager and the Administrator can be the same person !)

  • The Manager can then make a recruitment decision.

If the disclosure is not clear (i.e. contains a criminal record)

  • The CRB notify APCS electronically that a paper disclosure is going to be produced. APCS will notify the Manager by email that they should wait for a paper copy of the disclosure to be posted to them before making a recruitment decision.

Paper copy

Whether or not there is anything on the disclosure, the applicant will receive a paper copy of the disclosure by post from the CRB.

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