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APCS Ebulk CRB Checks

APCS Ebulk
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APCS Ebulk - Flexibility to suit your needs !

Whatever your requirements, our systems can be quickly adapted to your specific needs.

These are just a few examples of what clients requested ... and now have!

  • Some employers want us to do the id checking for them - no problem !
  • Others prefer to complete the application on behalf of their applicant.
  • Some like the applicant to come to their office and complete the application online.
  • Some want their applicants to pay for the application themselves.
  • Some want to split the costs with the applicant.
  • Some employers have one or multiple offices and want multiple id checkers.

Larger organisations may have more than one site where disclosures are handled. We can set up a separate manager for each site and treat each as a separate client. You can have any number of administrators, and a manager can also be an administrator.

Again, whatever your requirements, our systems can be quickly adapted to your specific needs - so please give us a call.

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