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List 99 Checks

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List 99 Check

A List 99 check is a check against information held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002. The list is maintained by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and contains the details of those who are banned or restricted from working in an education setting.

List 99 Check - Same day results for all requests received
before 2.30pm Monday to Friday

Please see the important information and notes below before ordering

List 99 Check

Cost £12.50 (plus VAT)


If you're already registered with us, please see the price below ...

List 99 Check

Cost £6.00 (plus VAT)


If you'd like to register with us then simply give us a call (Registration is Free!)

Tel: 0845 643 1145

Important Information:

Local authorities, schools, and further education institutions must check the List before confirming a person's appointment in order to ensure that they do not appoint someone whose employment is banned or restricted. A List 99 check is carried out as part of the Enhanced Disclosure process, however, obtaining a List 99 check separately may enable an applicant to start work before the Enhanced Disclosure is completed.

Please note:

There are a variety of guidelines, rules and regulations for the acceptance / appropriateness / eligibility of a List 99 check. These are specific to different organisations within the education sector and vary depending on the post being applied for and the reasons for the List 99 entry.

If you have any doubts whether a List 99 check is appropriate / acceptable for your applicant /s, we would advise you to check with the relevant educational organisation, prior to ordering from us.


A list 99 check (a prerequisite for those wishing to work in an Education setting) does not include a check against the ISA Children's Barred List, which contains information about people barred or restricted from working with children in any setting. This can only be obtained as part of the Enhanced Disclosure process.

So, a separate List 99 check, depending on the result, may enable an applicant to start work while the Enhanced Disclosure is being processed (subject of course to all other relevant references and pre-employment checks being completed).

How long does a List 99 check take ?


We send the result to you by Email the same day (For all requests received before 2.30pm Monday to Friday).

There are two possible results / responses to a List 99 check.

1). There are no matching records for this person on the List 99 register.

In this case you may allow the applicant to start work (subject to all other relevant references and pre-employment checks being completed).

2). If there is a match we will make contact with you immediately and provide the relevant guidance.

For general information please see:

Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment In Education Guidelines

( PDF Document (107Kb) - Opens in a new window )

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