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POVA - ISA Adult First Checks

ISA Adult First Check (POVA Fast Track Clearance)

The ISA Adult First Check is particularly useful because it allows an applicant to start work while an Enhanced Disclosure is being obtained. This allows care home owners and domiciliary care agencies to maintain staffing levels while the Enhanced Disclosure process is being completed.

Note: You can only apply for an ISA Adult First Check as part of the Enhanced Disclosure process. ISA Adult First checks are governed by CQC (Care Quality Commission).

POVA - ISA Adult First Check

CRB Fee £ 6.00*

See Enhanced Disclosure Options and Costs - Option 4

Please See: Enhanced CRB Check "Option 4" on the link above


The "ISA Vulnerable Adult List" is a list of people who have been identified and are banned from working in a care position with vulnerable adults. The list is held and maintained by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

There is a statutory duty that requires care providers to check the ISA Vulnerable Adult list to determine if a candidate is on it.

Important: The ISA issue two possible responses to an POVA Adult First Check:

1). "There is no information held"

This means the applicant can start work in a supervised capacity until the full Enhanced Disclosure is produced under the CQC guidance or,

2). "Please wait for the full Enhanced Disclosure”

In this case the applicant is not able to start straight away! No details are given at this stage as to why this response has been given however, it does not necessary mean the person is barred (see below)

It could mean for example that:

a). A person with a similar name or date of birth shows a match on the list, or,

b). There is some criminal conviction information which would need to be seen by the employer in order for them to make a more informed recruitment decision.

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